3rd EUFEMED Conference

28-30 April 2021 - virtual and interactive

Exploratory Development of Novel Therapeutic Approaches

Focused strategies based on lessons learned in the pandemic


Thank you for your participation in the 2021 EUFEMED Conference. You can still view the recordings and posters in the Conference Portal. You can also contact the speakers there if you have any questions.

The EUFEMED board

About us

EUFEMED is a federation of European organizations and associations active in early clinical medicines development since 2007. A successful collaboration of national bodies, EUFEMED strives to be a voice in the interest of exploratory medicines development.

EUFEMED promotes the interest of early clinical medicines development in professional organizations, international organizations and regulatory authorities. Our aims are to support stakeholders and facilitate networking through conferences, courses and specialist training. We also collaborate with other organizations to develop standards and promote guidance in early medicines development in order to improve European competitiveness.

Our conference are well attended from across the industry and we invite you to take the opportunity to meet our members in a learning environment.

Programme1 and Organisation2 Committee Members

┬áKerstin Breithaupt-Gr├Âgler┬▓ (AGAH), Henri Caplain┬╣ (AFPT), Yves Donazzolo┬╣ÔÇÖ┬▓ (AFPT), Tim Hardman┬╣ (AHPPI),
Jan de Hoon┬╣ (Healixia), Ingrid Klingmann┬╣ÔÇÖ┬▓ (AGAH), Andreas Kovar┬╣ (AGAH), Erik Mannaert┬╣ (Healixia),
Jens Rengelshausen┬╣ (AGAH), Hildegard Sourgens┬▓ (AGAH), Bettina Ziegele┬╣ (AGAH)

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