3rd EUFEMED Conference

28-30 April 2021 - virtual and interactive

Exploratory Development of Novel Therapeutic Approaches

Focused strategies based on lessons learned in the pandemic

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In accordance with the recommendations of the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer), the Association of Scientific Medical Societies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften) and the Voluntary Self-Regulation Body for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Freiwilliger Selbstkontrolle für die Arzneimittelindustrie e. V.), §20 para. 5. (FSA Codex Professionals, §20 para. 5), the contributions (amounts stated are net, before deduction of costs) of the industry partners are disclosed. The named companies participate in the 3rd EUFEMED in the exchange of services.

ARENSIA Exploratory Medicine GmbH · 1,000 €
Biokinetica S. A. ·  4,800 €
CRS Clinical Research Services Management GmbH · 1,500 €
CTC North GmbH & Co. KG · 1,000 €
Eurofins Optimed · 3,500 €
SGS Belgium NV · 1,500 €
SocraTec R&D GmbH · 1,500 €
Syndesi Therapeutics SA · 1,500 €

Amounts net, before deduction of costs.
Status: April 2021